NextDiggs is for you.

A way for you to find that place that you can call home. You’ve been on a million different forums asking questions, trying to get a feel from locals about a city. Some call it a meth haven and others think that same city is the best place to live. It’s hard to sort through all of those real opinions and trolls online. So we start that process for you.

What you like and how you want to live is about you and no one else.

We are here to help you target what YOU like and want. What type of city makes you the happiest. We don’t create best lists because what does that even mean? If you like fishing and hunting, maybe you don’t care about having a great foodie scene so the best place is one close to great fishing. If you love restaurants and theater, maybe you don’t care about access to lakes and hiking so the best place for you has a lot of great restaurants and access to theater productions.

Take our quiz and if you want, we can have one of our local experts chat with you about their city. Get started. Define your lifestyle. Find your place.

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