Best Places to Live by Next Diggs

Where are the best places to live?

We are all different.


Some of us feel happiest with hustle and bustle: the energy that comes with big city living. Some of us feel happiest with a fishing pole in the middle of a forest, not another soul in sight. Some of us want all of that: hustle and bustle by day and solitude on the weekends. So finding the best place to live is different for each of us.

Finding the right place for you to live, that makes you the happiest is what we do.

From classical music to hard rock, from deserts to snow, from foodie scenes to pizza scenes, we have you covered. Where are the college towns with lake access, small towns with a great art scene, or mid-sized cities with a lot of options for families?  Don’t pay attention to those top 10 lists that may or may not be your top 10 list.  Take the quiz and create your own top 10 list based on what your lifestyle is, not what a magazine thinks it should be.

This is about you and where you want to call home.

If you aren’t ready to take the quiz, get started doing some reading. We scrounged through our data to create some top 3 lists to give you a jumping-off point, if you prefer to do things that way instead.

Best Small Towns